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Energy Exchanger Company was founded in 1974 by DE Schirmer.  Today Energy is led by his three daughters and continues to be a leader in the shell and tube heat exchanger industry.  Since our beginning, we have built a reputation of quality among our customers. It's our people that set us apart for exceptional quality, workmanship and customer satisfaction.  Our employees make the difference.


In addition to doing carbon steel exchangers, we excel in working with stainless, chromes, monels & inconel metallurgies.  We are sought out most for our abilities in working with overlay and clad exchangers.  Our size of exchangers typically range from 6" to 80" inside diameters. 


We are proud to be a double minority-owned company, as well as a member of TEMA, HTRI and API.  We are certified to build to ASME Section VIII Div 1 (Stamp "U"), ASME Section 1 (Stamp "S"), API 660, and National Board Repairs & Alterations (Stamp "R"). 


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