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Energy Exchanger Company is the premiere custom shell and tube heat exchanger manufacturer. From engineering and design to fabrication, we make sure the process goes smoothly while meeting all specifications.  We are preferred vendor with many engineering and construction firms, along with many major oil, gas and chemical companies.  These partnerships are very important to us. 

Owned by the same family since opening our doors in 1974, our focus has never changed— “Total quality, every day, by everyone.”  This focus is at the heartbeat of our company.  Every employee focuses on customer satisfaction through quality workmanship and an unsurpassed work ethic.  Our customers can rest assured Energy Exchanger will be here tomorrow with the same focus and commitment as we did over 35 years ago. 


Our Past Work

The 65-footer

This recent NEN-type exchanger to leave our shop was a whopping 65 feet and 10 inches long! Measuring over 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide, this was definitely a hefty piece of equipment.  Even more impressive?  We built two of them!

What made this a true testament to our company's capabilities and expertise was the channel side was all stainless steel overlay and clad.  Our weld shop knocked it out of the park, though.  The many hours of overlaying 70" tubesheets & 36" nozzles proved our weld shop can handle anything!



The All-in-Wonder, as our engineers refer to this pair of stacked exchangers, was a true testament to Energy's exceptional engineering department.  This complex job of non-interconnected stacked exchangers came with hundreds of pages of specifications.  From needing aluminum flame spray coating to davits to mist eliminators, this job had every complexity possible.

We performed finite element analysis (FEA) on the supports and nozzles.  Due to the intermediary support structure that connected the two exchangers, FEA was needed to ensure the most structurally sound solution was used. 

The complex challenges present in the design of these exchangers made us apply a lot of our experienced engineering department expertise in the atypical elements required.  With the design of this pair of exchangers, our engineers proved they are a step above the rest.

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